High Quality Free WordPress themes 2010

Below is a collection of great WordPress themes that you will find useful.  These themes are highly  customizable. Have fun browsing the list!

Colorbold: Web 2 Magazine Style Theme For WordPress

A Great Web 2 Style Free Premium and Professional look Magazine Style WordPress Theme.

Free-premium-magazine-style-black-blue-wordpress-theme-  one-column-colorbold

Demo | Download

Free Magazine Style WordPress Theme: Wise Business

Wise Business is a Web 2 Style business WordPress Theme.

Free-premium-magazine-style-black-blue-wordpress-theme-  Wise-Business

Demo | Download

Beauty Style: Professional Look WordPress Theme

A Professional look Magazine Style WordPress Theme.
Beauty-Style -Megazine -Free- premium-magazine-style- wordpress-theme-2009
Demo | Download

FX Mag: Cool Wooden WordPress Theme

Magazine Style WordPress Theme with an elegant wooden Background
FX-mag -free-magazine-style-wordpress-theme-2009
Demo | Download

Fresh Mortar: Flexible Magazine WordPress Theme

A Professional look Magazine Style WordPress Theme.
Fresh-Mortar -Free-premium-magazine-style-web2 -wideget-ready-wordpress-theme
Demo | Download

BT Extended: Free Premium Magazine WordPress Theme

Spruced newspaper style for a WP powered site with the brandnew revamped Blogging Times Extended WordPress Theme theme, featuring a four column fluid layout, third and spiced up version of the BT Extended 3.17.3 WordPress Theme.
BT-Extended-free-newspaper-style-wordpress-theme- wideget-ready-2009
Demo | Download

Bueno: Fully Widgetized Magazine Style WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme with a Elegant design and clean look and 7 different color schemes to choose from
Bueno-Free- premium-magazine-style- wideget-ready -wordpress-theme-2009
Demo | Download

Choco Yoshz: Choco Magazine Style WordPress Theme

This is a Chocolate and Red colored Magazine Style WordPress theme
Choco-Yoshz-Free-premium-magazine-style-2-column-Brown  -wideget-ready-wordpress-theme
Demo | Download

Gracio Mag: Free Business Theme For WordPress

Amazing Free Magazine Style WordPress Theme, better for business blogs.
Free-premium-magazine-style-3-column-wideget-ready  -wordpress-theme- Gracio-Mag
Demo | Download

Quadro: 3 Columns Magazine Style WordPress Theme

A 3 Columns, rich in features Business Template for WordPress
Free-premium-magazine-style-3-column-wideget-ready  -wordpress-theme-quadro
Demo | Download

Berita: Amazing Free Magazine WordPress Theme

It is minimalistic looking theme that will suit every company that wants to display its corporate image clearly and professionally. Web designers may use it for their online projects and offer their clients web sites with all premium features they will need.
Free-premium-magazine-style-brown-one –column-wordpress-theme-Berita
Demo | Download

Magazine Style WordPress Theme: Celebrity HQ

A Style WordPress Theme, suitable for Entertainment or business Blogs
Free-premium-magazine-style-colorful -one–column-wordpress-theme-  Celebrity-HQ
Demo | Download

Freebies Dock: Green Magazine Style WordPress Theme

A Green WordPress Theme
Free-premium-magazine-style-Green -one–column-wordpress-theme-  freebies-dock
Demo | Download

Rockwell: Magazine Style Business WordPress Theme

A Magazine Style Business WordPress Theme
Free-premium-magazine-style-red -black-wordpress-theme-  one-column-rockwell
Demo | Download

Isotherm: Rich Magazine Style Theme For WordPress

It is magazine styled theme with everything you need to start publishing your own web journal with all the features you will need to attract new visitors.
Isotherm-free-newspaper-style-wordpress-theme- wideget-ready-2009
Demo | Download

Free WordPress Theme: Lap of Luxary

A rich and glitzy 2 columns WordPress Theme.
Demo | Download

Magiting: Web 2, Magazine Style WordPress Theme

Magiting is a featured-packed and multi-colored free WordPress theme with TweetMeme retweet button. It has 2 columns, with an easy Options page for customization.
Magiting  -free-magazine-style-wordpress-theme-2009
Demo | Download

Reese Mag: Amazing Premium WordPress Theme

Amazing Premium WordPress Theme For Free

Reese-Mag-Free-  premium-magazine-style- wideget-ready -wordpress-theme

Demo | Download

Render Meg: Free Magazine Style WordPress Theme

A SEO optimized Magazine Style WordPress Theme with advanced features and plug ins

Render-Megazine -Free-  premium-magazine-style-2-column-wordpress-theme

Demo | Download

Small Megazine: Free WordPress Theme

Magazine Style WordPress Theme with Unique and fresh design

Small-Megazine-2009- Free-premium-magazine-style-wordpress-theme

Demo | Download

Crisp Rounded Magazine Style WordPress Theme: Urbane

A Crisp Rounded and Magazine Style WordPress Theme.

Urbane -Free-  premium-magazine-style- wideget-ready -wordpress-theme-2009

Demo | Download

Visco: Premium WordPress Theme For Free

Visoko is a free premium WordPress theme with featured content option. Suitable for any niche. Theme Options at admin panel.

Visco-2009-  Free-premium-magazine-style-2-column-wordpress-theme

Demo | Download

Wynton Magazine: Image Gallery WordPress Theme

Wynton Magazine is an image-heavy, magazine-style WordPress theme with a simple but effective layout.

Wynton-Magazine  -Free- premium-magazine-style- wideget-ready -wordpress-theme-2009

Demo | Download

Zeta: 3 Columns Business Theme For WordPress

A Professional look , 3 Columns Magazine Style WordPress Theme.

Zeta -Free-  premium-magazine-style-2-column-Green- wideget-ready-wordpress-theme

Demo | Download

Multi Colored WordPress Magazine Style Theme: Marangal

Marangal is a featured-packed, multi-colored and 3 columns free WordPress theme.
Demo | Download

Moi Megazine: Elegant Look WordPress Theme

A Professional look Magazine 2 Columns WordPress Theme.
Moi-Megazine -Free-  premium-magazine-style- wideget-ready -wordpress-theme-2009
Demo | Download

Multichrome: Shiny Magazine Style WordPress Theme

A Shiny WordPress Theme.
Multichrome-Free-premium-magazine-style-2-column-web2  -wideget-ready-wordpress-theme
Demo | Download

Nova Scotia: Stylish Magazine Style WordPress Theme

Another Stylish Magazine Style WordPress Theme.
Nova-Scotia  -Free-premium-magazine-style-brown -2-column-  wideget-ready-wordpress-theme
Demo | Download

Perogato: Free Professional Look WordPress Theme

A Colorful Magazine Style WordPress Theme.
Perogato-2009-  Free-premium-magazine-style-wordpress-theme
Demo | Download

Pro Start: Magazine WordPress Theme For Pro Bloggers

Beautiful Business WordPress Theme.
Pro-Start -2009-  Free-premium-magazine-style-wordpress-theme
Demo | Download

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