June 1

Simplifying Your Message

Check out this Marie Forleo interview with Rachel Hanfling on how to simplify your message. Hanfling is a media producer, strategist, and trainer with twenty years experience working for big names like Oprah Winfrey and Anderson Cooper. She offers four ways to simplify your messaging for best results. This is essential if you want to increase business or get a new job.

  1. Meet People where they are to take them where you want them to go. Figure out what your audience  cares about.
  2. You have break it down to a level that people understand.  Do not consider, changing your message as “dumbing it down”, it is smarter to put a message in words understand.
  3. Get rid of extra details. Stay on point and understand if the detail is vital to what you are trying to convey.  Highlight the points that you want to use to position yourself in the eyes of the media or your customers.
  4. Test Drive your message on people that are not your family and friends. We usually talk to people to tell us that we are great.

Messaging is always something that we work at.  I have constantly changed my blog and my own messaging as I strive for simplicity and clarity in the advice I offer.

May 31

Working Out is a Must!

14 - 1“I hate off days from the gym so much.” Now that is something you will rarely hear anyone ever say. However, that is truly, how I feel on my days off. I know that my body needs the rest, but the energy that I get from a great workout makes me come back for more. When I first started working out, I used to dread the gym, but I kept at it until one day, I started longing to go workout. It has been so a vital part of my daily ritual that I can not see myself turning back. So in an effort, to keep my sanity on my off day, I am going to give in and go to the gym.

April 17

Troubled Minds

We have lost the connection. My generation has lost the connection to simply “Being”. When we simply “Be” we find our authentic selves.

Some of those unexpected ways we lose the connection and meet other troubled minds is through strife, struggle, and pain. These realities teach us to come back to the authencity of who we are. We learn to refuse to entertain the easily swayed emotional instability of others. We understand that chaotic minds are not simply the result of a person’s own doing, but the product of their social structure. However, the in ability to control themselves and their emotions has to do with the lack of personal development within oneself—immaturity.

In some countries, young people bomb themselves, beat their wives, or become involved in gangs and cartels because they feel the need to Be Great and to have more, and more. Their anger toward others is the ultimate demonstration of that outward rage. It’s unfortunate, they have this rage simply because everyone else does. It is the most prevalent mindset.

Americans are no different. The outward display of things gives us no choice but to feel the desire to take and acquire more. It is the mindset that is prevalent of the times. Instead of the bombing ourselves we commit social suicide by placing our careers and professional life above that of family and friends, or become depressed and suicidal when it doesn’t work out the way we want. We become so obsessed over the fantasy of the high powered career and the idea of a perfect marriage or relationships that we forget the realities that must ensue. We feel that the steps to get to the top of anything are already beneath us. I hear comments like “why should I do that” or “I am better than that”. The dangers of instant gratification is all too great that you have recent college graduates thinking they will become the next CEO of a company…in a year or so of starting work. Some people going to the workplace are demanding a 50k salary with only a few extracurricular college activities and an internship.  Just because your friend got lucky, had an in demand degree, or better yet–knew someone does not mean it is going to work out like that for all. For all you know, it may not work out for your friend. Then what, will they have saved or spent all of that wonderful salary? I won’t even get started on the idea of a perfect marriage or perfect relationships—that will be a new post another day. But it really is about how much love you project to the other person. Both parties have to find some sort of equilibrium among personalities. You learn to accept the flaws of one another—especially if that person truly is a good person when you strip away the baggage. But if you cannot accept it, or if that person is emotionally damaged beyond repair or lets the chronic dissatisfaction of life get in between you, move on! You will thank me later. I have had to learn this the hard way, but some buckets needed to be kicked to the curb—so to speak.

Some people look at what others have and hear the comments people make and garner their sense of worth from that. These are the kind of people on Lexapro or other anxiety or depression medications or worse try to commit suicide. Their chaotic mind is so full of ‘what ifs’ and ‘if onlys’ that they do not know where to turn. They begin to project that anger on to others only in the end to cause their own unfortunate demise.

All the “shit” that we build up and label as important is not as important as we think. The ability to feel satisfaction should not be contingent on the amount of money in the bank, the number of friends you have, and the new Fendi bag your bff just got from her boyfriend. You really have to watch and be careful around people who have a chronic dissatisfaction with life. You can love them, but they will take you for a ride. Guard yourself. Troubled minds must find their equilibrium and contain their emotional challenges. Come back to the authentic self and there you will find the most complete sense of peace. You will not get frustrated over simple minded things.

I’ve learned that no amount of prayer and church going is going to help a person unwilling to do the work on themselves with some consistency, and that a chaotic mind is not due to social economic status. Remember, our authentic self is patient and kind. We do not envy. We do not boast. We are not proud. We do not dishonor others. We are not self-seeking. We are not easily angered. We keep no record of wrongs. We do not delight in wrong-doings but rejoice with the truth. We always protect, always trust, always hope, and always persevere. Our authentic selves never fail because at our core, we are that extension of the Great I AM that reveals itself in the most unexpected of ways to simply remind us to just “Be”. For atheists, you are connected to that Great Nothing-ness,that brought you into “Being”.  Honor that.




March 4

Replaced Headlight, Now Car Won’t Start

****UPDATE 3/11***** Headlight is fixed. After enduring the torture of inefficient design, we realized that a bad bulb was bought from Advanced Auto parts. It burnt the wires. Fortunately, a new one was purchased and the car is back! Now I need to get my money back for the bad bulb….. Does this ever end…lol


NO PROBLEMS whatsoever prior to this fiasco. I drove my 2009 Pontiac G6 like any other day. After attempting to replace the freaking low beam headlight, my car won’t start.

Number one, I never knew changing a headlight could be so difficult. Number two, once we pried it off, we screwed in the H11 light and next thing you know the car will not start and none of the lights will turn on. All the wires are intact, nothing else was removed or snapped. Once putting in the new light and turning on the light to check if it works, it made a clicking noise and the door locks kept going up and down and the lights inside the car were dimming. This is really making my stomach hurt. I got this car with 12,000 miles now it has 25,000-practically new.

What baffles me it is, it was working perfectly fine, now it will not start, what the heck all because we replaced the headlight. Really! Here’s another challenge, I have to kick in the rear end. Can’t be to much of an Mogul on the Move without a car….

Thanks General Motors. Thanks….

January 25

It all Boils Down to This…

It’s 3 am. I am wide awake starring blankly at the ceiling thoughts racing through my mind. I feel mentally drained from the lack of restful sleep. I want to sleep, but I cannot. I feel anxiety like a stampede of horses charging from heart down through my arteries and back up through my veins. My chest is tight and my breathing is labored. I place my hand on my chest as a timeless ritual of healing and pray, asking God, let this moment pass. Either mentally or physically, I feel some sense of relief, but it creeps back gradually a few minutes later.

Duality of our Existence.
I am human in which the Spirit of God dwells.
I am imperfect; yet, striving for perfection.
I feel motivation.
I feel fear.

A lot of people (success authors, and motivational speakers, leaders, and everyday ‘Jones’) only talk about the good in their life and never really discuss the totality of their success in life’s experience. No one likes to acknowledge their faults and fears- shortcomings we all have. So, I am going to be real for a moment. I want to acknowledge some of the fears that I have experienced as I take this life journey.

I Feel Fear

  1. I fear the unknown.
  2. I fear being overworked and stressed.
  3. I fear doing things in vain.
  4. I fear that I will fail.
  5. I fear that I am not smart enough.
  6. I fear being outwitted.
  7. I fear that I will succeed too quickly.
  8. I fear that I will make mistakes.
  9. I fear becoming demotivated and end up without goals or aspirations.
  10. I fear associating myself with the wrong people.
  11. I fear being embarrassed by others actions.
  12. I fear that people will become too close to me.
  13. I fear doing embarrassing things.
  14. I fear others will think of me a greedy and only capitalistic.
  15. I fear that people will not like or trust me, my products and services.
  16. I fear not having access to the resources I need to succeed.
  17. I fear I will not be viewed as the leader I desire to become.
  18. I fear wasting time doing unimportant things.
  19. I feel the anxiety and the pressure of leaving a mark, a substantial legacy, not to mention keeping up with the Jones.
  20. I fear fear itself because it can set you back.

Using the Socratic method, I question why I even feel this fear.

  1. I care about what others think of me.
  2. I care that I am not harming others.
  3. I want to reach my ideal vision of self.
  4. I want to do the things I want to do.

But what is revealed is:

I want freedom.The desire for freedom is the impetus of my fear, maybe yours too. We want to be freed of others’ impression of who we are supposed to be. We want to be free to express ourselves in the way we choose. We want to be free from the need to survive by making only ends meet. We want to be free from others’ perception of success and wealth. We want to be free from the envy, greed, and anxiety. We want to be freed from the restrictions of resources. We want to be free of the hierarchical system that deems, I am on high and you are beneath. That those on high have reached perfection and success; whereas, those without power and material possession are the lowest of society.

The Message
We are human; this duality is our plight. Yet, each of us, must find the way to master our fears in order to become free.

“Life is found in the dance between your deepest desire & your greatest fear” – Tony Robins

January 23

Mighty Morphin Moment

Just had a flashback to my childhood. Everyday getting off of the bus at 4:00 my brother, sister and I would rush home and crowd infront of the television to watch the Might Morphin Power Ranges. We all identified with one Ranger or the other. My sister wanted to be the Pink Ranger. My brother wanted to be the Blue Ranger.  I wanted to be the Green Ranger.  Which one did you like most? powerrangersunderwearcosplaygear2